"Damien Timbs and PPS provided the necessary experience, professional knowledge and above all partnered engagement across four years of the Seymour project to ensure successful delivery and outcome. Damien’s personal commitment and representation ensured our best interests at all times, of which we are very grateful" "

Bevan Coote, Glenfield Grain & Cattle, Korr Group

"The Productive Pasture Solutions New Zealand pasture tour was informative and professionally organised. There was a great group of clients which provided constructive networking opportunities. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it."

John Jackson, Jackson Agriculture

"Productive Pasture Solutions have been advising us for 5 years, and Damien Timbs for over 15. Damien thinks outside the box and is flexible in his approach. We find that Productive Pasture Solutions provides advice that fits our business needs and Damien understands the way we operate."

Grant and Jock Nivison, Yalgoo, Walcha

"Damien has been advising us for 15 years. Damien has an innovative approach and keeps us up to date with the latest ideas and technology in pasture management for livestock production.“

Jim Nivison, SN Nivison & Co

"Damien is enthusiastic with an open mind to new ideas and challenges. I find him well informed and he can see the big picture. He is very quick to grasp the essential core details."

Tim and Jane Rogers, One Tree Partnership, Ebor