1. The work behind this bag of seed......


2. Single plant trial


3. Nick Jenkins and Damien Timbs evaluating seed trials


4. Cattle grazing a strip trial


5. End result for client - trialled and guaranteed fescue performer

Seed Services

Productive Pasture Solutions provides certified pasture seed sourced from leading suppliers at competitive prices. Using certified seed is a guarantee of purity and genetic identity.

We focus on providing precise and reliable information on the performance of pasture varieties, to make sure you have the best seed for your environment.

With seed technology changing rapidly, we keep up to date with the latest advancements such as seed coating, pelleting and seed enhancement.  The benefits include preinoculation of legumes, enhanced pest/disease control for better germination, protection from environmental stresses and precise fertiliser placement for higher yields.

Our experienced agronomists advise on management techniques to ensure you make the most of your new pasture.

By using reputable companies backed up by extensive R & D investment, Productive Pasture Solutions provides results that are succesful, repeatable and with minimum risk.