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Compost Services

Productive Pasture Solutions is the leading supplier of high quality screened composted manure across the New England.  Due to the large volumes we deal in, we can offer competitive pricing, delivery and spreading services as required.

Prior to spreading, our agronomists provide technical advice to maximise pasture/crop growth and minimise loss of nutrients through volatilisation.

Many livestock producers are realising the long term benefits of composted manure, with sustained improvement in soil structure and increasing dry matter yields.

Benefits of composted manure

Not only is manure a complete fertiliser, it has a significant impact on soil structure. Australian soils are low in organic matter. The addition of beef cattle manure to the soil has a long lasting effect with a steady release of nutrients over four years through the decomposition of complex organic matter.

The addition of organic matter via manure has a sustained positive effect on the soil because it remains as a long term food source for microbes and soil binding agents. The improvement in soil structure attributed to the added soil organic matter can increase infiltration, reduce runoff, increase soil water storage and increase the potential for plant productivity.

Reproduced from ‘Safe Use of Manure and Effluent – A Technical Users Manual’, Meat and Livestock Australia 2002.