Yalgoo Poll herefords and Merinos

Running a Poll hereford stud, merino stud, a large flock of merino commercial sheep and commercial cattle poses feed management issues for Jock and Grant Nivison of Yalgoo, Walcha, especially through the harsh winter.

"Producing high performing genetics is only half the picture at Yalgoo. Living in an environment with prolonged feed gaps presents problems when finishing or preparing stock for sale."

As stock breeders,  the Nivisons need an even plane of nutrition to control staple strength in their premium wool and allow their seedstock genetics to reach their full potential.

With the help of Productive Pasture Solutions the Nivisons have reduced feed gaps with increased pasture quality and quantity. A change in pasture composition from annuals to perennial rye grasses and using plantain and chicory has found the right balance between pasture longevity and production.

"Our pasture composition has been crucial in ensuring we are offering a premium product that is readily accepted in the market place, be it food or fibre."

Yalgoo rams