Lakeside, Jackson Agriculture

Manager Steve Stronach has overseen a major overhaul of "Lakeside" Walcha,  in the past five years. Part of the Jackson Agriculture portfolio, the property runs about 5,000 steers and 3,200 first cross ewes.

In 2007 the property carried approximately 10DSE/ha. Following a three year plan devised by Productive Pasture Solutions this has increased to an average 25DSE/ha, carrying about 20DSE/ha through the winter and up to 40 DSE/ha through the summer.

The property was split into 52 paddocks of about 25ha each, with troughs in each paddock. The paddocks were sprayed out and sown in autumn with some spring sowing to finish the job. Paddocks were sown with 70% perennial ryegrassses and 30% fescue. 

"The perennial rye grasses are 5 years old and are mostly performing just as well as the second year."

Once established composted manure was applied and the paddocks were maintained with urea. Composted manure is now applied every year, with about 3.5 tonne/ha applied this year.

"After trying every fertiliser over a 30 year career I have seen the best results from composted manure. We will stick with composted manure due to the high organic matter content. I believe it is the most cost effective way of adding nitrogen to the soil, with a sustained release throughout the year."