Bill and Jacqui Mitchell

For Bill and Jacqui Mitchell of "Glenbrook", a new approach to pasture management has  lead to a radical overhaul of their business.

The Mitchells run merinos and cattle at Guyra in Northern NSW. Three years ago with the help of Productive Pasture Solutions they adopted a philosophy of farm conversion to radically change the pasture base, soil fertility and paddock size in order to increase the quality and quantity  of feed on offer.

The property was split into blocks with an emphasis on fallowing for weed management and water conservation. The Mitchells have found this rotational grazing approach means grass is used more efficiently. Their commitment to pastures has seen the purchase of a boom spray and drill to decrease reliance on outside contractors so paddocks can be sown earlier if the season allows.

"We are converting high quality grass into cash by producing more meat per hectare". 

Bill and Jacqui have also found cash flow benefits with the capacity to produce high quality feed year round.

"We are now moving towards being able to sell fat cattle every week of the year."